Valentine’s day gifts for him

It is Valentine again, and the constant worrying starts with planning the perfect date night and picking the perfect present.

My partner is one of the difficult guys to pick a present for. He does not wear cufflinks, has almost all the necessary fashion items, buys his own perfume and we go out to eat so much, there are a few options left.

So if your significant other is also a difficult person to buy presents for, here is a list of things that are great for a surprise!

1. Make him a romantic dinner at home and cook his favourite meal. 

This is a budget-friendly option, so if you would like to do a small surprise, this is a great way to go.

You can also add some candles, dim the lights and wear something nice.

2. Create your own pick a card activity

Design 18 cards on a computer or hire someone to design them for you (you can print on Avery business card) and write small gifts on each one.

Such as ‘a free massage’, ‘your favourite meal’, ‘shower for two’, ‘movie night’ and add expiry date on each one, so he uses them one after another over 1-2 months period.

3. A spa day

There are some winter indoor spas which are so much fun to go to. They do not cost a lot, and I think you can find some with discounts too. Plan a day for the two of you to just get a massage, go in a sauna room, take a cold bath and spend some quality time together.

4. A special date

If you don’t mind spending a little bit of money on food, plan a date night at a very fancy restaurant.

Here in Montreal, I have been to a fancy steakhouse which is great for dates, a fancy buffet dinner at a hotel, or a special place in downtown which has a great view (on a high rise building or rooftop).

5. Make a box of small gifts

I love this and it is so much fun to receive. Pick a medium-sized valentine box from a boutique and fill it with small goodies. Such as heart shaped chocolate, cufflinks, a designer boxer shorts, winter gloves, a new tie, sunglasses, shaving cream, perfume etc. Depending on your budget, you can fill the box with a lot of cool items!

6. Plan an activity just for him

Since Valentine is in winter here in Montreal, I do not have a big choice of activities, but you can pick a helicopter ride over town (costs less than 200 on some discount sites). A sports car drive on ice or an ice fishing trip. I browse a site called Groupon, I am not sure which companies are available in your city.

7. Book a stay at a lodge

Again this is not too expensive, but you can book 1-2 nights stay at a lodge, where you have a private jacuzzi, have a romantic campfire together, make dinner together and just be away from home for a little while.

8. Book a trip

If you have the budget, book a trip somewhere else, out of town, just for a few nights. During winter, the south has a lot of popular destinations for great prices. It is nice to get away from the cold too. You can also set the date in springtime, but gift him the tickets on Valentine’s day.

Do you have any other ideas or what kind of gifts do you plan for your significant other?