Twelve Days in Paris and Barcelona

I had the privilege to travel to Barcelona and Paris in May with my partner. I had been reciting visiting Europe for such a long time, it was too good to be true.


First stop was 6 days in Barcelona. We stayed in Hotel Arts provided by my partner’s company as it was a small business trip for him and we only extended our stay.

The hotel was beyond luxurious, one of the best in the area, with a rooftop pool, great bars and a great location, just at the beach.

We explored the gothic quarter, bought some souvenirs and ate delicious food. The food in Barcelona is exceptionally good, mouth-watering good and it was not that expensive, to be honest in regards to the quality we got served. 



I managed to visit Sagrada familia, climb in the Passion Facade’s tower and also Arc de Triumf. I also visited some local markets, took some pictures, did some shopping in La Rambla market. It was a dream come true.



The next stop was Paris. We took an hour plane to visit Paris and we stayed in a quiet neighbourhood in a hotel called Color Design. It was affordable, clean, well maintained and we were satisfied with the service.

The day we visited Tour Eiffel, it was pouring rain. There was a thunderstorm. I did not think it was as romantic as I had expected. The city itself reminded me of my hometown Beirut. The small cafes were cute and the cheese and bread were heavenly. I tremendously enjoyed the different cheese and charcuterie variety with their delicious baguette and good weather. 

We also visited the real Arc de Triumph in Paris, went on top of the building and watched Paris’ skyline. It was breathtaking.

My advice is to pack comfy shoes as there will be a ton of walking and exploring the cities. Keep a scarf tied to your bag for an emergency change of weather (if you are visiting in spring or autumn) and keep a small umbrella in your purse.

The trip was so well worth it and so memorable. I will cherish the memories for a long time until I visit again. 🙂