Tools I use to run my blog

I started my blog in January and I absolutely love the creativity involved through blogging, it’s brought to me new opportunities to talk about things I love and feel passionate about.

I plan my days excessively, being very goal oriented so I can keep my audience engaged and interested in what I have to say.

Being a full-time graphic designer, I use some tools which might not be necessary for others such as Adobe Photoshop, or iMac. But I included the other tools I use which should be easily accessible for others.

Other than a website and a few social media accounts, I use a few tools to plan my days effectively and here are a few of the tools I use.

1. Sony Cybershot
I know nowadays it is easy to take beautiful pictures with a phone but I love having the flexibility of switching up the white balance and exposure of pictures I take. This specific camera can be connected to my phone wirelessly, so I can directly send the picture to my phone!

2. Hootsuite
HootSuite has a free or a business plan and the free works fine for me. I plan my Insta stories a day before so I stay organized. It is also nice to write the copy a day before or review it before posting.

3. Facetune
This is an App Store and I use it to enhance the lighting in my pictures or clear out some blemishes. It is an easy to use app.

4. A huge folding whiteboard
I bought mine from Michaels, if you want to take better pictures, you definitely need one. I use it as a backdrop to bounce of the shadows or just use it as a surface.

5. Reports +
This is an app for iPhone to track who followed/unfollowed you. Who blocked you etc. I use the free version.

Which tools do you use for your blog?