Small steps to practice gratitude


Life is short. We are alive for a minute and could be gone for the next. Try to have a happy life as much as you are capable and try to push your boundaries to have a fulfilling life.

I had a traumatic life experience when I turned 22 and this changed my outlook on life for the better. As humans, we are really very fragile and dependant on so many different things to stay alive and breathe so learn to practice gratitude and enjoy the short time you have on earth. 

1. Everyday is a new day
Learn to let go of the past, especially if it does not serve you. Memories and lessons are there to keep but hanging onto bitter experiences is nothing but trouble. The past cannot be changed so focus on the present moment. Everyday is a new day to start over. 

2. Live life to the fullest
Put a lot of effort in the things you do. Make your life of quality. Have the coffee you like even though it is expensive, buy the shoes you wanted, go on the trip you planned. Get on that plane to go see family! Don’t miss out on any opportunity. 

3. Enjoy the little things
The sunshine, the rain, little flowers by the sidewalk… the cup of hot coffee in the morning. Enjoy the little things because all of these make up the most of what our lives are filled with. Quality is in the little things we do every day. So when you improve the little things you do every day and notice the small details, you will feel a lot happier. 

4. Do more things you love
Make time for yourself and do more of the things you love to do. Whether it is to paint watercolor, practice makeup, home improvement, blogging, cooking, baking, make more time to do the things you enjoy doing. Make this a priority. 

5. Surround yourself with people who love you
Life is short. Spend more time with people who love you and know your worth. Happiness is best shared 🙂