Seven Nights in Punta Cana Fantasia Resort



I had the opportunity of flying to Punta Cana with 4 different couples and us, me and my partner for seven nights. We stayed in Bahia Principe hotel chain in Fantasia section as my friends have kids. The whole trip was incredible, adventurous, exhausting and fun, I’m all partied out. 

The beach of the hotel had a lot of algae but we went to different beaches, by taking excursions. The pools were clean and big, had a bar in one of the pools and kids’ section was another pool. 


The rooms were clean and very well maintained. We had taken an all-inclusive vacation so the mini-bar was stocked and good. We had all the alcohol in the world. I got a great tan, read some books, had fun with my friends while my partner partied with his best buddies. 

They did not have diet drinks, like cola or soda so the sugar intake was pretty high. I tried to stay as healthy as possible as I’m a vegan but I did try some of the seafood and gosh they were good. Fresh shrimps, oysters, crabs, octopus to name a few, other than the pizza, meat and fish variety, turkey and chicken. The abundance of food is mind-blowing. 


The kids seemed to have the most fun, they spent the days in the water slides, eating marshmallow and drinking smoothies. 

We took an excursion to go to Saona island. You should not miss this if you are ever in Punta Cana. The color of the water is turquoise and life-changing. We danced on the boat and I watched the ocean for an hour until we reached the shore. 

We took another excursion with my friends, only women this time and we did some yoga on a boat, got several different massages and body exfoliation, it was amazing. 

This is the 3rd time I go to Punta Cana and the 2nd time I stay in Bahia Principe. You will not be disappointed.