Seven fun activities you can do this winter


During the winter, I take my time to just focus on work, productivity, staying home, watching movies, eating comfort food and just letting go for a while.
Our lives are so hectic with so much responsibility, we rarely have any time off.

Here are seven activities you can actually do and have fun this winter.

Join a book club
Nothing better than relaxing and reading new books during winter.
Check which book clubs are available in your area, workplace, among friends or online.

Spend Saturday nights doing raclette with friends
This is such a fun dining experience, your friends will love it.
Share the expense of cheese and charcuterie with your friends and get a few bottles of wine and have a raclette party.
I bought mine from Stokes, here is one I really like, some even come with a fondue pot.
Just chop some strawberries, bananas and pineapple and choose a chocolate you like. I really like the semi-sweet Toblerone for fondue.

Go ice fishing
I never miss an opportunity to go ice fishing. It is fun, it is cold but you get to stay inside a cozy hut with a heater and just wait for the fish to come to you.
You can use different baits, depending on where you are, the organizers might sell or give you the baits.
Make sure you wear warm clothes and non-slip boots.

Ride a snowmobile
This is something I love to do. It is so much fun and when it snows, it is such a beautiful experience.
The snowmobile itself is not very fast but it is fun. You need to have a driving license to be able to drive one. There are special places who offer this activity throughout winter.

Have a chocolate and rum drinking night with friends
I like to drink alcohol on certain occasions but I really love to add rum to my hot chocolate during winter.
It keeps you warm and it tastes great. You can buy any powder cocoa to make your hot chocolate. For a mug I add about 2 ounces of white or spiced rum.

Getaway for the weekend in a winter lodge
There are some available for the weekend only and you can rent the lodge with up to 8 friends depending on how many rooms it has.
Usually, there are a lot of activities to do within the area, and most have a private outdoor jacuzzi.

Go on trip to south
If you have a travel budget, book a trip before the spring break.
You can go to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and so many different islands in the Caribbean for very affordable prices.
Booking seven days is usually a better value than five days and most of the packages are all-inclusive. If you still have not been to the south, you are missing out on a lot!

What are some winter activities you’d like to do?