October is breast cancer awareness month ?

If you are 40 to 49 years old, talk to your doctor about your risk for breast cancer, along with the benefits and limitations of having a mammogram. If you are 50 to 74 years old, have a mammogram every 2 years.

I picked Sampar bust cream from Marshall’s last month. It’s for chest, neck and décolleté. I notice since I am in my 30’s, my décolleté area skin is looking different. Probably from a lot of sun exposure through summer months so I’m trying to moisturize that area more. I apply this cream and top it off with some oils. It includes vitamin E, wheat protein, it also has Africana Kigelia extract (it’s a great ingredient which fights acne, reduces blemishes and is anti-aging).
The cream smells fantastic and while applying it I also check if there are any tumors or anything not feeling right in my chest/bust. It’s great.

Hope you have a great weekend!