My Summertime Shower Routine


My current updated shower routine has some new products that I’ve loving.

I was at Sephora sometime ago and met a beautician who represented Kate Somerville and she explained that it’s better to exfoliate your face in the shower because of the steam and since then I have been using my Kate Sommerville exfoliator twice a week in a hot shower. 

I am also a big fan of Spongellé. They have a huge collection of amazing loofas which gently exfoliate the skin and cleanse it. I personally love them, it is also a nice way to massage your skin. Of course, I always wear a moisturizer after my shower so my skin doesn’t feel dry. 

AG Hair Balance shampoo is all natural and sulfate free. It has a foaming lather and apple cider vinegar which thoroughly cleanses the scalp. 

I finish my hair off by applying Klorane dates hair mask which is super softening and hydrating. 

I am currently using the Southern Comfort Stripped feminine wash. It is very gentle and has a rose scent to it. 

I finish my routine with Marianella Body Caviar which I got out of a FabFitFun box. It includes some amazing ingredients, such as black lava sea salt, charcoal, vitamin E, coconut oil and others which kind of softens and detoxes the skin.