My shower routine

Back in the day, I used to take a full shower, every day. After some consideration, I realized it is very unhealthy to wash my hair every day. Right now I do a full body wash every night but I wash my hair every other day.

Here is step by step my beauty shower routine.

1. I massage my shoulders with oil
I use Aromatherapy de-stress massage oil to reduce muscle tension.

In 10 minutes I hop in the shower.

2. First I shampoo my hair
I have been using Dove shampoo for a very long time and I like it a lot. I always try new scents but it keeps my hair soft and hydrated.

3. I use a conditioner
I usually use a Dove conditioner. I squeeze a tiny size and spread it across my hands, then apply to my hair from mid-shaft down.

4. I use a hair mask
Twice a week, I use my Klorane desert date mask. I leave it in my hair for 5 minutes, while I do my body, then rinse it out.

5. I exfoliate my face
Right now I am using a konjac sponge to gently scrub my face.

6. I exfoliate my body
I use a Spongellé body scrub to exfoliate my skin. The scents are amazing and it feels my skin refreshed and clean.

7. I wash my private parts

I use Sweetspot Labs for sensitive areas.

After shower, I take a few more steps to finish my beauty routine

8. I use a body moisturizer
I am currently obsessed with Anderson Lily – Winter in Manhattan moisturizer. It is really one of the best I have used.

9. I use a leave in conditioner

I am currently using Marrakech leave in conditioner. The scent is fantastic and it really makes my hair soft.

10. Then I brush my teeth and floss.

11. I moisturize my hands

I am using Ahava hand creams


I love my beauty routine 🙂