Modern Manners Book Review

I lost interest in reading a few years ago. Novels mainly.
Occasionally though I find an interesting lifestyle book at Indigo Montreal that I pick and read. I love coffee table books more than novels.

Modern Manners is a book by Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler. Dorothea Johnson is an etiquette expert and Liv Tyler is one my favorite people on earth. I have always admired her.

The book covers all the basics, how to shake hands, how to dine, table manners, work manners, professional etiquette, how to introduce people to each other at work or at events. It was a great read that taught me some new ways to be more polite and more aware.

I have always taken interest in these things. How to have an engaging conversation, the way to sit, body language, things to talk about, ways to ask for things.

If you’re also interested in this topic, I suggest you pick up the book. It was a great read. Thumbs up!