Luna Fofo Foreo Review


I received this as part of my FabFitFun box in the summer of 2018! I was anxious to get it and fell in love after one use. The Fofo is a skincare gadget with an app and it provides a skin analysis, moisture level and dryness with the intelligent built-in sensors. 

It is made of silicone, the tips are hygienic and have a medium softness which makes cleansing very effective. 

It also guesses your skin age but I am a bit skeptical about it as I have to put in my age before the analysis and it does not seem super accurate but still I am happy with the moisture level accuracy as I have been really taking special care of my skin and it did it a great job analysing. 

To start, you log in the app and use a button from your phone and then hold the little metal sensors against your skin. It measures within seconds and after that, you start cleansing.

It says not to use exfoliants or oil-based products with it not to damage the silicone tips so I have been using Adore Cosmetics cleanser which is also a big-time favourite of mine. I love that the Fofo removes dead skin and gently cleanses the surface. 

It was my first time using a tool like the Fofo and I’m never looking back. The Fofo is also waterproof so you can use it in the shower, easy process, with a few steps which deeply cleanses!

Highly recommended 🙂