Low-Budget Summer Activities


Summer is my time, I’m a big lover of the sun and the heat, sundresses and tanned skin.
Although I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible, I still get a bit of tan and the ‘bronzed’ look. 

Here are a few activities I love doing during the summertime which are low-budget and fun!

Attend a festival
During summer, there are a lot of free festivals around the Montreal area which are free to enter. They have live music, small snacks and also drinks you can purchase. 

A great way to spend the day outdoors and also listen to some amazing musicians. 

Do a picnic
I love picnics, I make a few vegan club sandwiches to take with me, grab some canned beer and we hang out at a park. Talk, watch people and just relax. 

Swim in a lake
Most lakes around Montreal are less than 10$ to enter. You can take your food and canned drinks with you. I personally love the cold lake water. It is so refreshing and fun to swim in. You can take your kids too, there are a few parks which have lakes and water slides. 

Visit a flea market
I love exploring flea markets. I don’t necessarily but a lot of items but still, I enjoy exploring. You can always find some goodies which are really cheap. 

How do you like to spend your summer?