So Covid, since 2019, I’ve been stuck in the yo-yo phase for the past 2 years. Drinking, eating anything in sight, I really let myself go after the initial shock when Covid came out.

After having a melt-down two weeks ago, I decided to step up my game.

It’s only the beginning of the year and it’s not too late to plan a new plan and start a detox!

I’m doing dry January but other than that, I pulled out my meal plan my personal trainer had customized for me just before Covid came out and started planning.

I also stopped by Michael’s stores and picked a Happy Planner 2022 which I’m gonna link it here. This is on clearance 12.99$ at Michael’s in Quebec and it’s really cute.

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Reviewing my meal plan, I notice a pattern. I snack a lot and I drink a lot of empty calories.
On most days working in front of my iMac, I skip lunch and then end up snacking in the afternoon.

So the goal of this meal plan is to eat a moderate amount of healthy food, get the daily nutrients, a mix of protein, carbs, and fat, and do some moderate exercise.

You can have 3x of snacks during the day, a mixture of 85 gr of protein and 85 gr of fruits.

Meals can be divided into 3 portions, morning, lunch, and dinner.

115 gr of protein, 60 gr of carbs, and 170 gr of vegetables for lunch and dinner, and 2 tbs serving of fat a day.

It’s easy to follow. In the following days, I’m gonna share more recipes and ideas to be able to do this. I suggest picking a digital scale to measure your food.

Good luck and we can do this!