I’ve been using drug-store nail polishes for as long as I remember… Until I received a Nails.Inc nail polish in a beauty box and realized the quality was different than what I was used to. It lasted more days than a Revlon nail polish for sure.

Now there are some good quality nail polishes in the market like Essie (12$) and OPI (8$) but I started making a collection of vernis found at Sephora like Tom Ford (44$), Chanel (35$), Dior (33$), YSL (32$). My favorite so far is the Dior vernis, lasts at least 5 days coated with fast dry Seche Vite (12$) polish and I do housework, shower every day and do not wear gloves (crazy, I know) But the Dior formula just became my favorite that I adore.

The only drug-store nail polish I am still using is the Revlon and I love the formula, it is very lightweight and very fast drying but it does chip quickly (lasts about 2 days usually).

What do you think? Is drug-store nail polish better than high end brands?