One of my new year’s resolutions for 2021 was to learn how to make sushi from scratch. I had watched some videos on YouTube which I will link here to better help you see how it’s made.

I made my first sushi with avocado, salmon, crab, and ready-made breaded chicken fingers. I pick fresh semi-ripe avocados, fresh crab from the grocery store’s fridge, smoked salmon as I avoid eating completely raw food and I buy the ready-made chicken fingers from the freezer.

For the chicken fingers, I bake them for 18 minutes at 425F. and let them cool down for 10 minutes.

Sushi ingredients
Ingredients to make sushi

I chop the crab, salmon and avocado as seen in the picture above. I pick the Nori from the grocery store. Always check your grocery store in the Asian corner for Nori, Soya sauce, ginger, rice vinegar and rice especially for sushi.

Ingredients to make sushi at home.
Ingredients to make sushi

I have tried several different brands of sushi rice and they all worked the same. As long as it short-grain white rice. Rice vinegar of any type, Nori and black sesame.

To make sushi you need these four basic ingredients, along with salt and sugar.

To make the perfect rice for sushi, I use my Instant Pot. For 3 cups of rice, I use 3 cups of water. I wash the rice twice before adding the water in my instant pot to get rid of excess starch. And let it cook under pressure for 12 minutes, on low pressure. One trick I learned is I let it cool down naturally after cooking for another 18-20 minutes.

In a bowl, I mix 0.5 cup of rice vinegar, 4 tbs sugar and 2 tsp salts. Mix them together and pour over the rice. The trick is mixing it in a cutting motion instead of mushing them together.

How to make sushi stew by step
How to make sushi step by step

I cut the Nori with a sharp knife in the centre and divide it into two pieces. A pack of Nori makes more than 60 pieces of sushi. Wet your fingers to distribute the rice evenly on top of nori very carefully so they don’t mush together. Top it off with same black sesame and flip it over.

Once you flip it over, add your ingredients. I use chicken and avocado, spicy mayo and salmon etc. You can use any ingredient you like and combine them if you’re feeling creative.

Then carefully with your hands fold it over. Then I use a bamboo mat which can be purchased from Amazon to shape it so it sticks together.

Then use a very sharp knife to slowly split the roll into 7 pieces or as large as you like.

One thing to do before using the bamboo mat is attach a plastic foil on top so the rice does not get inside the bamboo mat.

Bamboo mat for sushi

The trick to make the perfect sushi is making the perfect rice. So I suggest letting it cool down naturally before mixing the rice vinegar.

Enjoy your homemade sushi and invite some friends over if you like entertaining. I serve sushi with ginger, soya sauce, Wasabi and dry white wine.

How to make sushi at home step by step with instant pot

Video I used to learn how to make the rice in Instant Pot.

Where to buy Instant Pot

Sharp knife for sushi

Rice for sushi