How to clean your makeup brushes

I bought my first makeup brush set from the studio directly where I went to study professional makeup. I have been using them for the past 2 years but I added to the collection slowly, more brushes from Sephora, the drugstore and other online resources.

When I have to do makeup for more than one person, I use an instant brush cleaner which is sold at Sephora. The one I have is called Brush Off and Personelle Pro but there are a ton on Amazon and Sephora.

Basically, between each client’s application, I spray onto the brush 10 inches apart then wipe clean on a paper towel. This does not make the brush wet so you can use it immediately for the next client.

In my December Editorial box from BC Living, I received Ativo brush cleaner (as shown in the picture). This is a circle jar with solid soap inside. You wet the top of the cleaner with hot water, (I also wet the brush) Then swirl your brush onto the soap and wash it until the water runs clear. It took me 1-2 swirls to remove the residue from my brush. Then you reshape the bristles and lay onto a towel. My brushes dried overnight. This is also made with Argan and Apricot Kernel oil to condition your brushes. I loved it and have been using it since. It is good to use this at night and let your brushes dry overnight.

It is so important to clean your brushes between each application, especially when you are working on other people. You can easily spread an infection.

A budget-friendly option is to get a cleaning mat. There is one here from Sephora. Wet your brush and gently move the brush tips across the pad. You can also use your shampoo to remove residue. Again, you have to reshape the bristles and lay onto a towel or a paper towel overnight.

How do you clean your makeup brushes?