How I built my beauty vanity from Ikea DIY


As part of my love for makeup and beauty, other than the blogging world, I finally felt ready and had the budget to build my beauty vanity.

Thanks to my partner who helped me assemble and fix these, it was done within 2 days.

First, make sure you have a nice space to build your beauty vanity. If you have some natural light, it will be a lot better otherwise these lights are pretty sufficient.

I got the Malm table from Ikea 169$

This comes with a very large drawer and glass top. I decided this was the best because of the glass, since doing makeup can get messy.

Second I got the Eidsa mirror 16.99$

You can replace this with any other mirror basically. Just use good quality double tape to stick the mirror on the wall so it does not look like it is in the bathroom.

Third I got a set of two Ledsjo wall lamps 39.99 x 2

These need some wiring work so make sure you read the instructions and get the necessary tools

Fourth (I already had) but you can get the Alex drawer 80$

And the chair is completely up to you to choose, I got this one from Bouclair Maison locally for 79.99$ on sale.

Make sure you have the chair at first and measure where you will see your face on the wall so you know where to place the mirror. After placing the mirror, hang the two lights on both sides of the mirror.

Other desk stationery I got from Marshalls and Homesense, the whole project cost me 345$ Canadian + some small expenses for the desk containers.

How do you like it? Comment below!