Healthy Lifestyle Tips


Today I am sharing a few tips I have applied to my routine to lead a healthier lifestyle.
I became a vegan in mid-February and it has been around 3 months today. I love it by far and trying to switch to cruelty-free beauty as well. 

It is a slow progress but possible. I am mainly glad I am no longer eating melted cheese and fried meat which were making me really sick. 

I have already lost some weight, I feel a lot more energetic and my digestion has never been any better. It pays off to be a vegan, for myself, the environment and also the animals. 

Here I am sharing a few tips and tricks on how I organize my week ahead of time to save time and eat healthily.

1. I do my shopping on Monday or Sunday morning. I have dedicated time just for this.
I go to the vegetable market, buy fresh fruits and vegetables and then stop by the health food store to buy my vegan food replacements and other groceries. I usually buy oranges, apples, bananas, avocados, strawberries, fresh kale, fresh spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and a few extra fruits. 

2. I wash and store all vegetables
The second step after grocery shopping is to prepare the vegetables ahead of time. I wash and chop the kale, I wash and store the spinach and I peel all the oranges and store it for the whole week (oranges last 5 days). Invest in a salad spinner to dry the fresh leaves and store them. 

I also peel and store the strawberries. Make sure you add two layers of paper towel and store the Tupperware upside down. (The strawberries last 2-3 days). 

3. Cook rice or quinoa in a big batch
The third step is to just boil and prepare some quinoa or rice. I usually make quinoa.
Add 2 tbsp olive oil. Once heated up, add 1 cup of quinoa. Mix them together on low heat and in 2 minutes add 2 cups of water. Bring to boil then lower heat and let it cook slowly within 15 minutes. Let it cool before storing it in a Tupperware for the week.

Then during the week, since I have my carbs and vegetables and fruits ready, I only prepare some protein. I fry some tempeh or tofu or prepare some beans.

If you are considering becoming vegan, make sure you also add some nuts to your diet. Such as peanuts, walnuts, seeds etc. 

Hope you enjoyed this article! 🙂