One habit I learned from working for a company as a graphic designer was how to stay productive throughout the day. When I had a lot of deadlines to meet at certain amount of time, I had to organize myself every morning, before replying emails and starting my day.

1. Break down your day
Do the most difficult tasks early in the morning before anything else

2. Reply emails only at a certain time
Take 5 minutes to reply emails every end of an hour instead of anytime they come in so you don’t get distracted easily. 

3. Make a to-do list and prioritize

4. Listen to a good podcast when working
There are some amazing podcasts which have great insights to life, work and entrepreneurship

5. Plan your days ahead
Sometimes I plan my content, work days ahead during slow days so I have more time in the following days. 

Remember if you have a desk job, take a break every hour for 5 minutes to stretch and move a little.