Here I am explaining how to Be Productive in 2020. It’s almost the new year and I always plan my new year in advance, break down tasks and things to do and keep a journal.

My goals for 2020 are to enjoy life more, be happy and let go while being productive. Being productive is very satisfying and it gives a nice sense of accomplishment especially when you are doing something you love.

Ways to be more productive is to break down tasks and plan in advance.
For example, I plan my blog’s content a month in advance, take my pictures on a sunny day and schedule posts on a program like Hootsuite for my Instagram in advance. Then I dedicate time to engage on Instagram with my friends, time to explore other blogs and time to reply back to my comments and watch my friends’ stories.

1. Break tasks down to a few steps and dedicate more time to focus on quality.

2. Plan your week in advance and write down the hours you need to accomplish each task.

3. Use stickers in your planner to keep the tasks enjoyable and fun.

4. Plan your breaks in advance, such as lunchtime or a 30 minutes walk in the sun.

5. Prepare the tools you need to accomplish tasks in advance such as the programs you might need, etc.

6. Every Friday take 30 minutes to plan the next week’s content, tasks, and to-do-list.

7. Focus on quality, not quantity. It’s better to do less but in better ways.

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How do you stay productive? Especially during winter, it’s difficult to keep the energy high and motivation in check. I notice regular exercise keeps my energy pumping during the day.