Easy steps for spring cleaning

It is finally spring. It sure does not feel like it yet here in Montreal, as sad as it is but I am hopeful. I am really hoping for the weather to get warmer so I start my daily walks around the neighbourhood.

I already spent some time cleaning out my closet and home, as part of spring cleaning and here are a few tips I can share with you to do the spring cleaning smoothly.

Organize your closet

Once on a TV show, I watched how a woman was hoarding so many items and the rule was to get rid of anything that you don’t use or wear for more than six months. Now, this does not apply to winter boots and jackets but you get the idea. I cleared out my closet, made a huge bag of things I no longer used and donated them in the community.

It may be tough to get rid of clothes you really love but you know, there is a new trend every year and think of how much space you’ll gain, other than the opportunity to buy new beautiful and trendy clothes that fit you.

Organize your makeup

You know how makeup expires right? Basically, they also gather a lot of bacteria from reusing them. 

There is a set of rules on when to get rid of what and here is the breakdown

Mascara – 3 months
Foundation and concealer – 1 year
Lipstick – 1 year
Eyeshadow – 1-2 years
Skincare – Make sure you read the packaging as each product has a different expiry date. Most products are to be used in 6 months after opening. 


You know how we store raw beans and rice and other grains in the kitchen cabinets for a long time. Most of these expire within 6 months so don’t buy a lot and decompose the ones that are expired. If you are a small family, you should buy really small quantities so you don’t waste food. Make sure they are consumed in less than 6 months.



My home is basically clutter-free. I get rid of anything I do not use. When you drink water, wash the cup immediately. Do not keep small ornaments around the house. The wedding souvenir you received 3 years ago, has to go. The less clutter you have, the easier it will be to clean your home. Keep only essentials out. Do not keep stuffed animals if you don’t have any children in the house. The dolls you have kept from your childhood can be donated to kids who do not have toys. 

Hope this article helps you to easily clean out your home and be ready for warmer days.