Easing Into Autumn


Autumn is definitely my time. I love the cosy sweaters, hot drinks, the crisp air. Autumn is a beautiful season in Montreal, the trees turn gold, we have a few thunderstorms and did I mention the air is so crisp and fresh? 

Some updates about me, I have been really focusing on my self-care and self-love recently. I have been practising yoga 4x a week and really just eating healthy, going for walks, working and spending time in the quiet. 

My birthday was 2 days ago and I turned 30! It definitely feels like a big change, not from a day to another but I took some time to reflect on my life and decisions. I am really happy with where I am in life and how much I have accomplished.

My 30th Birthday

A few of my to-do list for autumn: 

1. Keep exercising
2. Keep a journal
3. Eat healthily and nourish your body
4. Practice self-love

Hope you are enjoying autumn as much as I am!