Drinking Tea Can Boost The Immune System


I’m a tea lover, drinker and connoisseur.
I have 3-4 cups of tea every day at least, whether it is summer or winter, it does not matter.
My favourite is chamomile tea which I have every day after 6 pm to help me relax for a good night’s sleep.

I also love trying new combinations. I pick new tea every time I travel.

Here are a few teas which have been studied to help with different health problems.

Remember to have them in moderation, too much of a good thing has side effects as well. 

1. Chamomile tea
Chamomile lowers blood sugar and is great for diabetes. It reduces inflammation and helps relax and fall asleep

2. Cinnamon tea
Another great tea which regulates blood sugar and it also helps with weight loss. Cinnamon tea lowers cholesterol levels, improves digestion, is full of antioxidants which prevent chronic diseases. Cinnamon tea is proven to help cognitive function, boosts memory and is great for mental health. 

3. Green tea
Green tea contains L-theanine which is sold separately sometimes for anxiety. Green tea has caffeine usually so it’s great for the mornings. Green tea is proven to increase fat burning in the body. It’s great for weight loss. It usually has caffeine so have it in the mornings. 

4. Ginger tea
Ginger tea has healing properties. It relieves nausea and motion sickness. It helps reduce inflammation, fights allergies and cold. It also improves blood circulation and is great for digestion. 

I also squeeze a fresh lemon in my tea in the mornings, it improves the skin and has anti-ageing properties. It is a good source of vitamin C, it aids digestions and weight loss.

To health!