Do you love lip balms. I have accumulated some and love switching in-between and keep one in my gym bag, another in my car, another in my purse.

Dior lip glow is a sheer lip balm, I have the satin finish, it gives a beautiful shade of colour on the lips and is hydrating. 42$

Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm is one of my favourites, I keep in my purse. It has a mix of oils and is very moisturizing. 22$

Laneige is my current go-to lip balm. I was so excited when they launched it and I love pears! It is a sweet smelling lip balm which is very hydrating as well. It has different fruit extracts and shea butter. 18$

kopari coconut lip glossy is a coconut flavoured lip oil that isn’t sticky. It is very nourishing. 17$

Lano lips strawberry lip balm is naturally fruity, has a strawberry extract and vitamin E. 19$

Shieseido tinted lip balm with an SPF 30 is my summer go-to lip balm. I chose the shade red for naturally cherry lips, it has vitamin E and different oils. 30$