Boscia is one of my favourite skincare brands. Since I discovered their peel off masks I’m loving trying more products by them. They also have amazing charcoal sheet masks.

This duo is to remove makeup and then cleanse with the charcoal cleanser.

The makeup break-up cleansing oil has rosehip, green tea, avocado and olive fruit oil is used to remove (waterproof) makeup and the tiny particles in the oil removes excess debris from the skin.

The routine is followed up by the detoxifying charcoal cleanser which absorbs dirt and excess oil. It has artichoke leaf extract which helps minimize pore size. It also has vitamin P which comes from citrus peel which feels warming on the skin.

I picked this duo for a discounted price from Marshall’s but it’s well worth the 48$ price tag. It lasts a long time as you need a small amount to cleanse your skin.

I love charcoal as an ingredient in skincare.