I’ve been painting my own nails since Covid came out as the salons were mostly closed with limited clients.

I discovered Voesh through the FabFitFun subscription box. They run sales several times a year other than the seasonal subscription.

Voesh mani at home is an affordable spa-like hand treatment, they also have a pedicure treatment.

The set comes as a 3-in-1 sugar scrub, mud mask, and massage butter.

First I washed my hands and used the sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead skin off my hands.

The sugar scrub feels very rough on the hands which is just perfect! The scent of this particular one I used is called Vitamin Recharge which has a floral perfumy scent.

Then I applied the mud mask which feels nourishing to cleanse the pores on the skin.

Then I applied the massage butter for moisturizing the hands.

After treatment, I applied one of my favorite nail polish lacquer which is by NCLA and is called 75° IS FREEZING IN LA. It’s a beautiful muted pink/magenta color which is the perfect shade for a simple and sophisticated look.