3 Easy ways to stay organized


I am probably one of the most organized people… most of the time.
I do have my clumsy lost days but I make a huge effort to organize my tasks, stay focused and get a lot done on a daily basis. 

Here are some easy simple steps to get more organized this spring:

1. Keep a desk calendar
I use one from Create 365. Basically, at the beginning of each month, I plan my tasks, categorize them, divide them into weeks then write down on my calendar.
Then during the week, I use an orange highlighter to mark the finished tasks

2. Prioritize your to-do list

Mark 3 very important tasks every day so you do them first thing in the morning. If due to an emergency, you cannot finish your day’s tasks, at least you would finish the most important ones. 

3. Sync your phone’s calendar with your computer

I’m not sure if you have an Apple iMac and an iPhone but if you do, you can easily sync all your tasks on both of the devices. You can set reminders for each event so you don’t miss anything. Other ways to stay organized in your household chores, is to always clean up after you use something, no matter what it is. Make your bed every morning when you wake up. Wash the dishes immediately after use. Fold and color code your laundry and closet… you get the idea 🙂

Hope this helps and comment on your favorite way to stay organized!