2018 I’m Ready

Finally, it is 2018.

2017 was one of the best years I had.
I got to travel to Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica, New York and also Beirut. I finally ditched the smoking habit and I also started a routine yoga practice.

During this time, I got to work with a lot of wonderful clients in my freelance business.

I lost some weight, I had fun with friends and family and also got to know and use a lot of new beauty brands and products.

One of my visions for 2018 was to start this beauty/lifestyle blog, a subject I am so passionate about and share my opinions, reviews, news and talk about beauty treatments and getaways, food and travel and day to day inspirations.

So here are some of my goals for 2018. 

1. Get organized
I found the best way to stay organized is by using the iPhone iCalendar application. It is automatically synced on my iPad, iMac, MacBook and iPhone. So through my research, I found it is best to use the ‘notes’ application to write down my thoughts and inspiration and organize everything in my iCalendar.
iCalendar is easy to organize, set up a new event, you have the option to choose ‘every week’  for events that are recurring weekly or more.
You can also set up reminders for events.

I also keep a small journal on my desk, to quickly draw out ideas and also write down daily tasks.

2. Eat Healthy
So Sundays, have and will be my grocery shopping/cooking day. I make a list of items I need to make 4-5 dishes and go grocery shopping. And I spend around 2-3 hours just chopping up fruits/veggies making rice and baking food. I have bought a big number of large containers, stackable snack containers and fruit bowls.

My favourite snack container is this by fitlosophy and they have some awesome products and calendars too!

I also like to buy glass containers to easily microwave food. If you buy plastic containers, make sure they are BPA free.

3. Stay tidy and clean
It is so important to have a clean environment. The environment has a huge impact on how you feel on a daily basis. Since I work from home, I make sure my apartment is super clean and tidy. There are no dishes in the sink. And my desk is super clean.

4. Practice Yoga
It could be pilates, kick-boxing or Zumba. Exercise is so important for your well-being. If you have anxiety, you will notice a huge improvement when you start yoga. I personally have been doing Bikram (hot-yoga) there is a class close to where I live and I am going there twice a week.

5. Get rid of clutter and make space
There is a rule. If you do not use or wear something for more than 6 months – it has to go. Not your winter jacket per se, but shoes, clothes which are no longer fitting, big clothes you do not wear, sheets for your bed which are old – get rid of it! Make space for new things, new trends, new items. I organize my closet every three months and every time there are things that I do not want. Don’t forget your makeup drawer and nail polish collection.

6.Take time to relax
I want to spend more time hanging out with close friends, trying out new restaurants, and just taking time to view Instagram stories. I get so busy during the day, pushing myself with work and work and more work, taking time to relax is so important to feel refreshed. Take breaks often, set a time for work and a time for yourself.

7. Be flexible and assertive
This is something I have been trying to improve. Sometimes we get so stubborn about things we believe to be true, being a bit more assertive, relaxed and easy-going will be a huge improvement in my relationships with friends and clients. Flexibility will give me more freedom to have more fun and let go a little.

8. And finally – seize the day! Don’t let opportunities pass you by, make the most of life on a day to day basis.

Have you made any goals for yourself?